Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, FREE Online Books

Some blog followers might be interested in the post “Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, FREE Online Books)” [Hake (2010b)]. The abstract reads:


ABSTRACT: Some subscribers may not be aware of the FREE online book “Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air” [MacKay (2009)] dedicated to “those who will not have the benefit of two billion years' accumulated energy reserves,” and favorably reviewed by John Roeder (2009) and David Hafemeister (2010). This post:

(a) contains brief excerpts from those reviews;

(b) lists three other free online books that may be of interest: "Teaching Physics With the Physics Suite" (Redish, 2003)], "Science Teaching as a Profession: Why It Isn't How It Could Be" (Tobias & Baffert, 2009), and “Educational Psychology” (Seifert & Sutton, 2009);

(c) quotes from Steven Pearlstein (2010) on trends in publishing and James Koch (2006) on escalating college textbook prices; and

(d) references “Over Two-Hundred Education & Science Blogs” (Hake, 2009b) for references on OPEN ACCESS, internet usage, the Academic Discussion List Sphere (ADLsphere) and the Blogosphere.


To access the complete 13 kB post please click on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Net-Gold/message/31840.

REFERENCES [Tiny URL's courtesy http://tinyurl.com/create.php .]

Hake, R.R. 2010a. “Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air, FREE Online Books,” online on the Physoc archives at http://tinyurl.com/yb6h8ew. Post of 8 Feb 2010 21:43:39-0600 to AP-Physics, Phys-L, Physhare, and PhysLrnR (submitted to the moderator). To access the archives of PHYSOC one needs to subscribe, but that takes only a few minutes by clicking on http://listserv.uark.edu/archives/physoc.html and then clicking on "Join or leave the list (or change settings)." If you're busy, then subscribe using the "NOMAIL" option under "Miscellaneous." Then, as a subscriber, you may access the archives and/or post messages at any time, while receiving NO MAIL from the list!

Hake, R.R. 2010b. “Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, FREE Online Books,” online on the OPEN! Net-Gold archives at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Net-Gold/message/31840. Post of 9 Feb 2010 09:05:16-0800 to AERA-L and Net-Gold. For a preliminary and less refined version of this post see Hake (2010a).

MacKay, D.J.C. 2009. “Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air,” online at http://www.withouthotair.com. To download a high-resolution copy of the entire book click on http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/sustainable/book/tex/sewtha.pdf (49.2 MB) - Version 3.5.2. November 3, 2008. This (as well as the low resolution version) displays color and has the advantage of accommodating MacKay's expectation “to further update some of the numbers in this book as I continue to learn about sustainable energy.”

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