Saturday, December 19, 2009

Over Two-Hundred Annotated References on Systems Thinking

Some blog followers may be interested a compilation [Hake (2009)] of the above title. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: This 1.7 MB compilation of over 200 annotated references andover 300 hot-linked URL’s provides a window into the vast literature on “Systems Thinking.”

Systems Thinking is characterized by the consideration of natural, scientific, engineered, human, or conceptual entities as systems in which the component parts interact with one another and with other systems so as to produce emergent properties which cannot be understood through analysis of the single parts of the system.

Examples are provided by twelve quotes of systems thinkers.

References are given in alphabetical order with superscripts that indicate their origin in the following categories: Ecology, Economics, Education, Engineering, Evaluation, General, and Physics.

To access the complete compilation please click on (1.78 MB).


Hake, R.R. 2009. "Over Two-Hundred Annotated References on Systems Thinking," online at (1.7 MB) and as reference #58 at

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MfL Stories said...

I'm very happy to be the first in line to thank you for being one of the best things that ever happens in the educational web. How you manage to provide me with just what I need at the time I need it is another puzzle you might want to solve one day. This work on systems is so serendipitous that I am getting superstitious. You have not simply listed work on systems, you have taken the trouble to classify the list in a most useful way. Thank you for all the wonderful contributions you make!
Anita Pincas, Senior Lecturer,
Department of Continuing and Professional Education
Institute of Education,University of London