Saturday, December 19, 2009

High-School Science Teaching as a Profession

Some blog followers may be interested in a recent discussion-list post of the above title [Hake (2009)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: Jane Jackson, in a Physoc post of 1 July 2009, called attention to Tobias & Baffert's (2009) FREE online book Science Teaching as a Profession: Why It Isn't, How It Could Be.

I join Jane in urging teachers to (a) read the Tobias/Baffert book, and (b) work collectively to promote increased professionalism in high-school science teaching, one of the country's most vital occupations.

Biologist James Gentile, in a Huffington Post article at provides an excellent review of Tobias & Baffert's (2009) book in the context of “Improving Science Teaching in America's Schools."

To access the complete 9 kB post, please click on .


Hake, R.R. 2009. “High-School Science Teaching as a Profession,” online on the OPEN! Phys-L archives at . Post of 18-19 Dec 2009 to AERA-K, AERA-L, AP-Bio, AP-Chem, AP-Physics, Biopi-L, Chemed-L, Net-Gold, Physhare, Phys-L, PhysLrnR, & Physoc.

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