Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Science Education in Texas #3

My previous post "Science Education in Texas #2 [Hake (2009)], generated zero response, except for:

 a.  PhysLrnR http://listserv.boisestate.edu/archives/physlrnr.html,  and

 b. AP-Physics http://lyris.collegeboard.com/read/?forum=ap-physics ,

where, as of 31 May 2009 09:28:00-0700, there were, respectively 1 and 19 responses. . . .[Later: 0n 2 June 15:40:00-0700 the number of AP-Physics responses had risen to 67 !! , not counting about 7 posts with slight changes in the subject line.]  

Nevertheless, for those who are interested in the Texas Science Standards (TSS) and their potential to become the de facto U.S. science standards, I recently discovered that Zen Faulkes http://doctorzen.net/, Associate Professor in Biology at The University of Texas-Pan American, has kept a running record on the TSS on his blog at http://neurodojo.blogspot.com/search/label/Texas%20science%20standards .

His latest post, dated 28 May 2009, is titled "McLeroy's out."

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