Saturday, November 29, 2008

Over Sixty Education Blogs

Some blog readers may be interested in:

Hake, R.R. 2008. "Over Sixty Education Blogs," AERA-L post of 27 November 2008' online on the OPEN AERA-L archives at .

The ABSTRACT reads (slightly edited): The present post list over sixty education blogs, an expansion and correction of earlier posts "Thirty-two Education Blogs" (an earlier entry in this blog) and "Over Fifty Education Blogs" (transmitted to AERA-L with OPEN archives at .  I have also indicated over 25 general references to internet usage and blogging. But do blogs and blog lists contribute positively to the dissemination of useful information? Responding to "Thirty-two Education Blogs," Anita Pincas of the University of London complained that few people have time to examine 32 blogs, that keyword searches are not adequate for "finding out just what we need," and that "semantic web documents may help." Problems in finding out just what we need have recently been addressed by physicist Michael Nielsen, who argues that the internet offers us the first major opportunity to create: (a) a collective long-term working memory such as the physics preprint arXiv  to replace the antiquated journal system, and (b) a collective short-term working memory for the rapid collaborative development of ideas.  Are blogs and discussion lists harbingers of the latter? 

The abstract only was transmitted to about 30 academic discussion lists with a potential readership of about 17,000. Doubtless a huge spike will occur in the number of people who follow the over 60 blogs referenced in my post  ; - )


dave said...

Thanks again for your listing! I added a link to your blog from mine.

Richard Hake said...


Thanks to your "Thanks again" for my listing of your blog:

David EUBANKS (Coker College's Director of Planning, Assessment, and Information) - Higher Ed: assessing the elephant: .

I'll not hot-link the URL because I'm not adept at HTML tags.

I note that the link you give at "mine" is to:
which results in a “Not Found” panel. But no harm done since I was aware of the correct link.

PDonaghy said...

Hello Richard
Glad you found the Edublogger Directory. I am looking forward to following up on some of the 60 bloggers that you have mentioned!