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Reich, McKibbon, & Hansen: Three Academicians Who Have Spoken Out on Social Issues

Some blog followers might be interested in a discussion-list post “Reich, McKibbon, & Hansen: Three Academicians Who Have Spoken Out on Social Issues” [Hake (2014)]. The abstract reads:

In response to my post “Re: Professors We Need You!” [Hake (2014)] at regarding Nicholas Kristof’s “Professors, We Need You!” at and “Bridging the Moat Around Universities at, Christopher Green of the TIPS list responded at [slightly edited; my URLs]:

“Kristof missed the boat on this one. If [Kristof] wants to know why professors are reluctant to enter public debate, he needs to address the quality of public debate in the US political arena. Both the governor of Wisconsin and attorney general of Virginia have recently used the powers of their offices to investigate and threaten the livelihoods of professors who opposed their political agendas (labor unions and climate change, respectively). [Politicians] have essentially demanded that professors NOT bring their expertise to bear on public debate and professors, understandably, have mostly complied.”

Thankfully, not ALL academicians have complied, e.g.:

(a) UC-Berkeley's Robert Reich, an outspoken champion of labor unions and tireless critic of income and wealth inequality – see e.g., Beyond Outrage;

(b) Middlebury College’s Bill McKibbon who has been lobbying for action to deter climate change for over two decades – see e.g. The End of Nature and consider his organization;

(c) Columbia’s James Hansen (2010, 2014) who alerted the world to anthropogenic global warming in 1981 In a recent draft Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power, and Galileo: Do Scientists Have a Duty to Expose Popular Misconceptions?, Hansen rebuffs 4 widespread misconceptions: human life is endangered by nuclear power; renewable energy sources alone are sufficient; killing nuclear would make the world safer; and renewable energy is cheaper and faster than nuclear power. Below I quote Hansen at some length because: (1) nuclear power is so controversial; and (2) so doing allows me to insert references, hot-links, and comments.

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Hake, R.R. 2014. “Reich, McKibbon, & Hansen: Three Academicians Who Have Spoken Out on Social Issues,” online on the OPEN! AERA-L archives at abstract and link to the complete post are being transmitted to several discussion lists.

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