Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Democrats in Congress Fail To Support Climate Change Legislation #3

Some blog followers might be interested in a recent post “Why Democrats in Congress Fail To Support Climate Change Legislation #3” [Hake (2013)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: In my discussion-list post “Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - Time to Wake Up: GOP Opposition to Climate Science” at I wrote: “Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress are almost as unenlightened as Republicans.”

In response, a subscriber wrote to me: “In case anyone missed this excellent dissection of climate science opposition, here's why Demos are apparently ‘unenlightened’: [‘Frontline - Climate of Doubt’ (PBS, 2012)] at

I list the ALL-STAR cast and their online resumés: 19 Believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming and 20 Doubters of Anthropogenic Global Warming..

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Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University
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“. . .American politics is being completely defined by huge sums of money. [In 2008] we had really a very broad coalition of people who believed that we ought to move forward [on climate change legislation] and do something. But as the [2012} campaign and the fear built up, people began to retreat. [Conservative organizations] spent huge sums of money in a campaign of major disinformation. . . . . .[[My italics]]. . . . that had a profound impact. And it has now made many people in public life very gunshy because they're afraid of having those amounts of money spent against them. . . . . .There's nothing like a loss in an election . . . . [[as for Bob Ingliss of South Carolina, defeated by BIG $$ from conservative organizations]]. . . . to promote fear in the survivors. And that's exactly what happened in the United States Congress."
- John Kerry, transcript PBS (2012)

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Hake, R.R. 2013. “Why Democrats in Congress Fail To Support Climate Change Legislation #3” online on the OPEN! Net-Gold archives at Post of 12 Jun 2013 13:12:52-0700 to AERA-L and Net-Gold. The abstract and link to the complete post are being distributed to various discussion lists.

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