Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Carbon Tax: Merely a Ploy for Wealth Redistribution?

Some blog followers might be interested in a recent post “The Carbon Tax: Merely a Ploy for Wealth Redistribution?” [Hake (2013)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: In response to my discussion-list post “Would a Carbon Tax Save Life on Planet Earth?” [Hake (2013)] at, David Marx at wrote: “Now, we finally get to the real purpose of carbon caps and taxes . . . . . . . IT'S ALL ABOUT WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION. . . . .” [My CAPS.]

James Hansen, in his article “The American Party” at had this to say about “wealth/income redistribution” (paraphrasing): “Yes, the Carbon Tax is progressive: some ambitious low-income people who pay special attention to their carbon footprint will be able to save money for other purposes, wealthy people will pay more in added costs than they receive in the dividend. However, the added cost to them is small compared with change of income tax rates -- and lower income tax rates would be much more likely when the economy improves as the system moves toward honest pricing of fossil fuels. . . . . . . . . After I spoke to a group of conservative politicians, one of them said ‘THAT’S INCOME REDISTRIBUTION!’ ” [My CAPS.]

But not all conservatives are so disposed - see e.g., the WSJ piece “Why We Support a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax” at, by George Shultz and Gary Becker, both senior fellows at the conservative Hoover Institution

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