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Assessment of Climate Change: A Challenge for the University - Response To Goodknight #3

Some blog followers might be interested in a recent post “Assessment of Climate Change: A Challenge for the University - Response To Goodknight #3”[Hake (2013)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: In response to my post “Assessment of Climate Change: A Challenge for the University” [Hake (2013b) at, Math-Teach’s Greg Goodknight at wrote (paraphrasing): “It isn’t looking good for the IPCC vision. See the graphs by John Christy at as advertised by Roy Spencer at”

Q. What does the graph by climate-change skeptic John Christy (as advertised by evolution-skeptic Roy Spencer - see also “Climate Scientists Debunk Latest Bunk by Denier Roy Spencer” at - showing the discrepancy between linear-trend observations and 73 CMIP-5 models for tropical mid-troposphere temperature changes between 1979 and 2012 have to do with the threat to life on Planet Earth posed by Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)?

A. Nothing Whatsoever!

In my post “Why Democrats in Congress Fail To Support Climate Change Legislation #3” at, I quoted climate scientist Gavin Schmidt as follows: “You could take the entire climate history that we have in the instrumental record and you could find cooling trends every 10 years. . . . . You pick the end points and you could find any particular year as part of a cooling year. But actually, the whole thing has been moving up.”

Consistent with Schmidt’s statement, see the zigzag plot of “Weather station data” vs time 1960 - 2005 in Mann (2012, Fig. 2.3, p. 16) at, showing a mean global temperature increase of about 0.75 degree C over that time period. The caption states (paraphrasing): “A comparison of three different simulations of global warming through 2020 made by James Hansen in 1988. A curve through the weather station observations closely matches Hansen’s curve B, based on the trajectory of an emissions scenario that most closely matches actual greenhouse gas emissions over the preceding 20 years.”

Curve B predicts a mean global temperature increase from 1960 of about one degree C in 2020, posing a serious threat to life on Planet Earth - see e.g., the Wikipedia entry on global warming at

I list 11 pro-AGW resources that might be considered by AGW skeptics.


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