Sunday, March 4, 2012

Listserves Are a 21st Century Tool With Advantages Over ‘Web 2.0 Social Media’ #2

Some blog followers might be interested in a recent post “Listserves Are a 21st Century Tool With Advantages Over ‘Web 2.0 Social Media’ #2” [Hake (2012)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: In an article “Where Do Listservs. . . . [[sic – “listserv” is a trademark of L-soft , the generic term is “listserve”]]. . . . . Fit in a Social Media World? The networking tool of the 90s is starting to show its age,” law librarian Greg Lambert implied that listserves are a “20th Century Tool in the 21st Century” which clog up the email inbox.

But if Greg had subscribed to discussion lists running on LISTSERV software by L-Soft [see at and ] he could have subscribed in the NOMAIL mode, thus receiving NO MAIL from the list while being free to browse the archives and post at his leisure, thus saving time, hard drive space, and sanity.

More generally, that Web 2.0 social media tools are much more efficient than listserves is problematic at best - see, e.g., Gerald Grow’s (2009) list of 11 advantages of listserves at (scroll down about half way). ************************************************

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John Ziman. 1969. “Information, Communication, Knowledge,” Nature 224:
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