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Physicist Steven Weinberg’s Essay “AGAINST PHILOSOPHY” (was “References for Hermeneutics of Physics”)

Some blog followers might be interested in a recent post “Physicist Steven Weinberg’s Essay ‘AGAINST PHILOSOPHY’ (was ‘References for Hermeneutics of Physics’) ” [Hake (2012)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: Faye Pasamonte of the PhysLrnR list requested references on the “hermeneutics of physics.” [An online dictionary tells me that hermeneutics is “the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation, esp. of the Bible or literary texts.”] My relay of her request - along with a dismissal of hermeneutics by philosopher Denis Phillips - to the HOPOS-L list (History of Philosophy of Science) initiated a 20-post thread replete with references and a mix of opinions on the value of hermeneutics. Philosopher George Gale, a hermeneutics skeptic, wrote (paraphrasing) “Steven Weinberg in Chapter 7 ‘AGAINST PHILOSOPHY’ of his book Dreams of a Final Theory holds his own pretty damn well against the despised philosophers.”

Weinberg wrote: “. . . we should not expect it [philosophy] to provide today’s scientists with any useful guidance about how to go about their work or about what they are likely to find. . . . After surveying three decades of professional writings in the philosophy of science, the philosopher George Gale. . . . .[[in Science and the Philosophers (Gale, 1984)]]. . . . . concludes that ‘these almost arcane discussions, verging on the scholastic, could have interested only the smallest number of practicing scientists.’. . . . . . . . .[[my italics]]. . . . Wittgenstein (1980) wrote that ‘nothing seems to me less likely than that a scientist or mathematician who reads me should be seriously influenced in the way he works.’ ”

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