Sunday, July 24, 2011

Re: Learning Physics with a Statistical Gold Standard

Some blog followers might be interested in a discussion-list post “Re: Learning Physics with a Statistical Gold Standard” [Hake (2011)].

The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: Physoc’s Priscilla Laws (2011) wrote (paraphrasing): “One of the difficulties with many recent comments on tests to determine the efficacy of physics teaching methods is that we have no consensus about what should be the standard for student learning.” Priscilla then listed 7 alternatives as to what students should learn.

Probably unknown to Priscilla and most of the PER community, I listed similar alternatives in an AJP rejected article “Interactive-engagement methods in introductory mechanics courses” [Hake (1998b)].

At least partially due to AJP’s rejection of Hake (1998b), aspects of the research reported in Hake (1998a,b) have sometimes been grossly misrepresented in the PER literature. Unfortunately the review process for PER papers is, IMHO, sadly deficient, resulting for the physics-education literature in: (a) the loss of many exemplary articles, and (b) the addition of many articles that are problematic at best.

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