Monday, May 9, 2011

Academic Discussion Lists (ADL’s) vs Social Media #2

Some blog followers might be interested in discussion-list post “Academic Discussion Lists (ADL's) vs Social Media #2” [Hake (2011)].

The abstract reads:


ABSTRACT: POD’s Ed Nuhfer complained about requests to move POD discussions to Linked-In. His post drew several responses in support of Academic Discussion Lists (ADL’s) over social media such as Linked-In. Herein I repeat the 11 advantages of ADL’s over social media that were perceptively listed by Gerald Grow (2009) of the JourNet list in his post “The Value Of Email Discussion Lists.”


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Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University

Honorary Member, Curmudgeon Lodge of Deventer, The Netherlands

President, PEdants for Definitive Academic References which Recognize the Invention of the Internet (PEDARRII)

“It is not enough to observe, experiment, theorize, calculate and communicate; we must also argue, criticize, debate, expound, summarize, and otherwise transform the information that we have obtained individually into reliable, well established, public knowledge.”

John Ziman. 1969. “Information, Communication, Knowledge,” Nature 224: 318-324; abstract online at

REFERENCES [URL's shortened by and accessed on 9 May 2011.]

Grow, G. 2009. “The value of email discussion lists,” JourNet post of 14 Nov 2009 08:09:52-0500; online at To access the archives of JOURNET one needs to subscribe :-( , but that takes only a few minutes by clicking on, clicking on “Subscribe or Unsubscribe,” and then entering one's email address and a password of one’s choosing. I thank Dave Dillard, manager of NetGold for calling my attention to this post. Gerald Grow’s valuable Home Page is at - see especially “How to Write Badly” at .

Hake, R.R. 2011. “Academic Discussion Lists (ADL’s) vs Social Media #2,” online on the OPEN! AERA-L archives at Post of 10 May 2011 10:53:29-0700 to AERA-L and Net-Gold. The abstract and link to the complete post are also being distributed to various discussion lists.

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