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Question About AP #2

Some blog followers might be interested in discussion-list post “Question About AP #2” [Hake (2011b)].

The abstract reads:


ABSTRACT: In my post “Re: Question About AP” [Hake (2011a)], I answered a question effectively posed by Standardisto-basher Susan Ohanian: “Anyone know of research questioning Advanced Placement?” Physicist Bernard Cleyet, noting that Susan had run an interview with Hans Ohanian regarding his 2008 book Einstein's Mistakes asked (paraphrasing): “Is Susan Ohanian any relation to Hans Ohanian?”

In this post “Question About AP #2” [Hake (2011b)] I point out that:

1. Susan, in her comment on Valerie Strauss’ (2004) “Back to Basics vs. Hands-On Instruction,” answered Cleyet’s question indirectly by writing “When a team of 4th grade investigators rediscovered Newton’s law of gravity. . . . . my husband, the Ph.D. physicist, confirmed the results.” Thus it’s a good bet that Susan and Hans are married.

2. Little known to historians of education reform, Stauss’ report played a key role in the CA State Board of Education’s sudden decision on 10 March 2004 to replace its demand that “instructional materials must compose NO MORE than 20 to 25 percent of hands-on activities” with the opposite demand that “instructional materials must compose AT LEAST 20 to 25 percent of hands-on activities”! Who says science journalism is unimportant? This amazing story of California’s wacky education politics is detailed in “Direct Science Instruction Suffers Setback in California - Or Does It?” [Hake (2004)].


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Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University

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“If you try to introduce people. . . . .[[such as the direct-instruction-obsessed CA State Board of Education]]. . . to a paradigm shift, they will hear what you have to say and then interpret your words in terms of their old paradigm. What does not fit, they will not hear.”

Myron Tribus (2001)

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