Friday, December 18, 2009

Re: Questions on measuring engagement, learning

Some blog followers may be interested in a recent discussion-list post of the above title [Hake (2009). The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: Ed Gehringer wrote:

“I am working on a proposal to measure the improvement in student learning. . . . Can anyone point me to a list of questions that could be asked (of students or others) to get an idea of how well engagement, metacognition, etc. are improved?”

As discussed in "The Physics Education Reform Effort: A Possible Model for Higher Education" [Hake (2005)] measurements of “engagement, metacognition, etc.” can't substitute for direct measures of student learning by means of pre/post testing using (a) valid and consistently reliable tests devised by disciplinary experts and (b) traditional courses as controls.

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Hake, R. R. 2005. “The Physics Education Reform Effort: A Possible Model for Higher Education?” online at (100 kB). This is a slightly edited version of an article that was (a) published in the National Teaching and Learning Forum 15(1), December, online to subscribers at [if your institution does not subscribe, then it should!] and (b) disseminated by the Tomorrow's Professor list as Msg. 698 on 14 Feb 2006.

Hake, R.R. 2009. "Questions on measuring engagement, learning,"online on the OPEN! POD archives at Post of 15 Aug 2009 toAERA-D, ASSESS, EdResMeth, EvalTalk Net-Gold, & PhysLrnR.

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